Buying Tips

How I Can Help You ?

Whether you are a new investor or a seasoned professional, we want to work with you to accomplish your investment goals. There is never a bad time to buy right so let's start there. Beginning investor or Investors with <$100,000 cash to do a fix and flip or fix and hold for rental; your purchase price needs to be 70% all in of the after rehab value (ARV). That means the purchase price plus the rehab cost plus holding costs needs to come in at 70% of the ARV.
Mid-level investors ready to move into multi-family investments; here is where you are buying cash flow but you have to be aware of market values based on CAP rates for that area. Deferred maintenance issues, quality of management and location are also very important factors. Your first 1031 exchange may be at this level. Seasoned investors; now that you have a significant portfolio that provides a nice income for you but you want to grow it via 1031 exchange into larger multi-family or other asset classes like single tenant NNN retail or industrial. Guidance through this process is essential from your broker. Timelines, returns, quality of the tenant, lease terms, all are important in determining the value of this phase of real estate.
When you work with us, you will:
  • Be more likely to find the investment that meets all your criteria
  • Understand all the terms, processes and documents used when buying
  • Have up-to-date market information that will allow you to make informed decisions
  • Have a skilled negotiator working on your behalf, one who is committed to looking after your best interests
  • Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that all the details of your purchase are being taken care of by an experienced and knowledgeable professional

Selling Tips

How We Can Help You Sell Your Commercial/ Investment Property

Knowing the asset and market in detail is critical in evaluating the price of a property. Our job is to get you the highest amount the market will pay therefore price it accordingly. We will not ask how much you want for your property until after we present our findings. Asking up front is not doing our fiduciary. Either agents try to justify your price regardless of the market or you are way lower and could be taken advantage of. Let us do our job by analyzing the numbers, the property and where the market is at the time you want to sell. By working with us, you will:
  • Be more likely to realize the highest return on the sale of your property
  • Reduce the number of days your property is on the market
  • Become familiar with all the terms, processes and paperwork involved in selling your property
  • Have confidence that your property will enjoy exposure to more buyers and agents with qualified buyers
  • Receive regularly updated market information that will enable you to make informed decisions
  • Have a skilled negotiator working on your behalf
  • Have peace of mind knowing that all the details of your sale are being handled properly by a licensed and trained professional